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Tamara Mumford

​“Rachelle somehow manages to combine being extremely picky with being extremely positive. She hears everything! If a single note in a phrase isn’t resonating as well as it could, she will say just the right thing to fix it. She is able to delve into the hard work of preparing a role in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming.  In working with her to prepare a role recently, I was so thankful for her wanting to help me in whatever way was most helpful to me that day.  Sometimes that was the intense and detailed work involved in finding the perfect way to phrase a line, or making sure the energy and intonation was exactly right, or working on being able to sustain without too much pressure, or keeping a smooth legato line, or polishing my diction, or finding the best ornamentation to compliment my unique abilities. And other days it was about just allowing me to run through the sections of the role for continuity and memorization. She clearly loves her work and coaches with warmth and humor.”

Soprano (Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Washington National Opera, Los Angeles Opera)

“I am so grateful to have found Rachelle Jonck! She has the biggest heart, greatest sense of humor and is one of the most encouraging and supportive coaches out there. You always leave feeling inspired, confident and so much wiser!”

Soprano (Metropolitan Opera, Bayerische Staatsoper, Seattle Opera, San Diego Opera, Cleveland Orchestra)

“Collaborations with Rachelle Jonck are exhilarating, magical, and always infused with musical joy. Her accompanying helps the voice soar as she becomes one with the singer. Rachelle helps singers discover the music that happens between the notes on the page. It is rare to find a coach with such a brilliant understanding and respect for vocal pedagogy and the ability to help singers find the coordination between language and the breath. Not only does she excel in coaching and conducting the Bel Canto repertoire and composing tailor made ornamentation, she is brilliant with modern music because of her understanding of theory and her impeccable sight reading skills. Rachelle is clearly passionate in her mission to help both professional and student singers  transcend the various obstacles that impede communication with their audiences.”

Tenor (Metropolitan Opera, Teatro Colon, Opéra National de Bordeaux, Bilbao Opera, Bel Canto at Caramoor)

"Rachelle is a master at organizing information in a clear fashion - what works and does not work for my voice. It is not about purely about achieving 'the best sound' (though that is a big part of it!) She is invested in understanding both you and your singing - in discovering the very best way to unlock your very best singing. She has an unrivaled passion for her work and you feel the energy of the music in every meeting with her."

Tenor (Glyndebourne Opera, Los Angeles Opera. Santa Fe Opera, Lyric Opera of Kansas City, Des Moines Opera)

"The truth is, Rachelle is the most effective coach I have ever worked with.  Not only does she know how to calm me down when I crack open a new and extremely difficult Rossini score, but she shows me how we are going to tackle it with style and ease!   Her knowledge of both the voice and attention to detail in the Bel Canto repertoire is second to none and I look forward to working with her whenever I am in New York."

Tenor (Glimmerglass Festival, Minnesota Opera, Madison Opera, Atlanta Symphony)

“I had been searching for a pianist and coach who could help guide me on a better path of bel canto style, and I’m so grateful that Rachelle was suggested by multiple sources as the go-to artist for my repertoire. If you’re looking for someone who knows the style and expectations of the repertoire while making you simply sing better, look no further.” 

Tenor (Metropolitan Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Houston Grand Opera, Dallas Opera, Opera di Firenze)

“I have known Rachelle Jonck for over 18 years, and she is not only a phenomenal coach but a life-long friend. She can coach several languages, in different styles, from Baroque to Bel Canto to the most contemporary musical piece, all with flexibility, precision, and humor. She is particularly gifted in tayloring ornaments and cadenzas to an individual voice. They fit like a glove!”

Mezzo-soprano (Metropolitan Opera, Opéra national de Paris, Santa Fe Opera, Lyric Opera of Kansas)

“Simply put, Rachelle Jonck is the jam. Her ears and mind are finely tuned, intuitive and unparalleled.  She never lets me get away with anything less than my very best.”

Bass-baritone (Metropolitan Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Los Angeles Opera, Opera Philadelphia, Portland Opera)

“Rachelle Jonck has been my main coach for more than 25 roles. Language, style, legato - these are the strengths she imbues. Performing and preparing many recitals together over the years has been a supreme pleasure. Colleague, collaborator, and friend. The best of the best!”

Mezzo-soprano (Glimmerglass Festival, Washington National Opera, Opera Delaware, Teatro Nuovo)

“I think every artist has an internal soundtrack cataloguing each phrase over the course of a role, and, in my case, measuring it against an ideal. Never before have I encountered someone who so precisely imparts the tools for complete and independent realization of that mental ideal. Rachelle’s well-honed ability to simplify, specify, and patiently support artistic vision is an unparalleled gift, both to her singers and for audiences. ”

Soprano (Teatro Nuovo, Berskhire Opera Festival, Opera Ithaca, Hawaii Performing Arts Festival)

“Preparing a bel canto role with Rachelle was an incredibly rewarding experience. With her, the work is profoundly personalized to your instrument, and you absorb a treasure chest of exclusive feedback perfectly catered to what you need to excel in each performance. Confident, energized and passionate, she understands singers through and through and established herself as a fierce advocate for me both in and out of the studio. Her matured and honed approach to coaching inspires assurance and courage in the singers she coaches, and simply put, she is a must if you want to sing your best. ”

Baritone (Washington National Opera, Dallas Opera, Seattle Opera, Sarasota Opera, Florida Grand Opera)

“I've been preparing roles with Rachelle consistently for several years, and in every coaching I am inspired by her energy, commitment to detail, steadfast beliefs in style, musicality, and artistry, and ear for good vocal technique.”

Mezzo-soprano (Teatro Nuovo, Opera Philadelphia, Annapolis Opera, Academy of Vocal Arts)

“I appreciate how clear and concise Rachelle is in her coaching style.  She knows exactly how to explain to a singer what she wants in a manner that is easy to access.  She is a master at guiding a singer through some of the most difficult passages and she is a fantastic musician to with whom to collaborate alongside.  If you want a champion in your corner in this field, you want Rachelle Jonck.”

Alex Lawrence

Baritone (Openhaus Zürich, Theater Basel, Vancouver Opera, Glimmerglass Festival, Lucerne Festival)

"Rachelle is a tremendous musical collaborator for singers, given her wide knowledge of the repertoire and ‘singer psychology.’  She makes for a comprehensive, fulfilling and enlightening session with her expertise, good nature and incredible musicality.  I do much of my best work with her, thanks to the environment she creates in her studio that is both challenging to my faults and supportive of my individual strengths as a singer.  I cannot recommend her more highly."

Tenor (Teatro Nuovo, Arizona Opera, Opernhaus Zürich, Opera Grand Rapids, Verbier Festival)

"Rachelle has a language and style that demystifies the bel canto world. As a coach and collaborator, she’s a calming influence and an advocate that any singer would be thrilled to have in their corner. To put it simply, I feel like a much better singer when I’m done coaching with her, and I’m looking forward to working with her every chance I get."

Jorell Williams

Baritone (Seattle Opera, Atlanta Opera, Bel Canto at Caramoor Young Artist)

"Whenever I work with Rachelle Jonck, I think of her as a construction worker or an architect - she looks at the current layout of the landscape, pulls out her toolkit, and starts fine tuning until the proper foundation is set in stone. By the time time you're finished working, not only do you feel accomplished, but you also step back and look at a shiny and brand new house -- except it's your voice!"

Mezzo-soprano (Merola, Central City Opera, Lyric Opera of Kansas City, University of Missouri in Kansas City)

"Rachelle's attention to detail and encouraging personality not only brings out the best in singers, but also expands their ideas and style of singing.  She is a wonderful teacher whose depth of knowledge in music and business make her an ideal mentor.  She will surely be a guiding beacon of artistry for many generations of singers to come."

Kelsey Robertson

Mezzo-soprano (New York City Opera, Bel Canto at Caramoor Apprentice Artist, Palm Beach Opera Apprentice Artist)

“Before working with Rachelle, accomplishing coloratura always seemed to be a mystery. Because of her I am excited to sing coloratura, and no longer afraid of it! She is kind, honest, and always has the singer’s success and development at heart. Thanks to Rachelle Jonck I have made huge strides and I have great confidence in my continued work with her.”

Amanda Austin

Soprano, Manhattan School of Music '18

“Rachelle is an expert at giving whomever she works with specific tools that are, most importantly, replicable by the singer. Her lack of self-importance and genuine love for music-making and growth are a few of the many brilliant qualities that have allowed her to change my life.”

Arthur Levy

Voice Teacher, Mannes College The New School for Music

“Rachelle Jonck is in my estimation at the uppermost echelon of finest vocal coaches and musicians in her field. She has the rare ability to bring forth the musical distinction and stylistic profile of all the singers she works with.  Rachelle has an encyclopedic knowledge of repertoire, a keen sense of true bel canto technique and an ability to convey what legato truly can and should be. What is remarkable about her is how she honors the vocal personality of each singer and uses the musical gesture to liberate the voice and bring the musical phrase into an organic and authentic whole.   She is able to consolidate many brilliant ideas and help the singers distill them in a way that energizes and at the same time, sets in bold relief the specific stylistic and vocal demands of each piece of music.”

Voice Teacher, Berlin Staatsoper Studio, Ravinia-Steans Institute

"I highly recommend Rachelle Jonck. If you are looking for a coach with detailed information on language and style, she is your person."

Voice Teacher, Yale School of Music and Author of The Singer’s Guide to German Diction

"Rachelle Jonck is a profoundly musical artist with vast experience working with the finest singers and conductors.  She is filled with music and the almost irrepressible desire to share her expertise and knowledge."

Voice Teacher, Boston Conservatory

"Rachelle's work represents the finest in voice and opera coaching.  She is an extraordinary musician and challenges singers to find an efficient tone, a thorough vocal line, and superior linguistic skills. Her knowledge of vocal technique including the ever elusive ‘registration’ is very advanced and many of my students refer to her as the ‘legato expert.' I have witnessed this work in master classes, individual sessions, and in our multiple conversations about singing."

Braeden Harris

Voice Teacher

"Rachelle Jonck is unique. Her ability to concisely, efficiently and effectively assist singers in the preparation of repertoire stands out among her peers. Her insights into bel canto repertoire, performance practice, and ornamentation are extremely valuable and further set her apart."

Alan Green

Zemsky/Green Artists Management

"I have known and worked with Rachelle Jonck for many years and find her to be one of the finest musical coaches that I have have had the pleasure to meet - immensely knowledgeable and with impeccable musical instincts. She has the ability to work in an extremely supportive manner with artists - this is invaluable."

Vice-president, Columbia Artists Management

“Rachelle's invaluable knowledge of voices and experience as a coach make her one of the true gems of our profession.”

President, Ken Benson Artists

“Rachelle is not just a great coach and pianist. She has an acute, unique knowledge of voice, style and repertoire, and also the exacting standards that keep singers striving to do their very best. At the same time, she is always warmly supportive. She is the perfect example of the ‘tough love’ that is essential for artists to continue growing. Rachelle balances the elusive, yet essential pursuit of great art with a fiercely practical understanding of the business side of our profession. She is one-of-a-kind.”

President, Guy Barzilay Artists

“Rachelle Jonck is in my opinion one of the best coaches in New York City. Her knowledge and enthusiasm are unparalleled, and I often send my clients to her. She has always been an immense help to all who work with her.”

Director, Rayfield Allied

“Rachelle is clear, concise, and to the point in her coaching methods; she doesn’t try to cross the line into teaching, but she has wonderful musical instincts and a great eye for score detail.  One of my artists recently won exceptional reviews for a role requiring a great deal of coloratura—thanks in great part to Rachelle’s musical support.”

President, Fletcher Artist Management

“I have known Rachelle Jonck for ten years and admired her as someone who has a great passion for and knowledge of the classical music canon and as someone who takes great care in the development of her clients and students. She is one of the go-to coaches in New York, and a name artist managers are always happy to see on the resume of an artist.”

President, Sempre Artists

“So many of the world’s top operatic stages boast the impression of Rachelle Jonck, via the singers who have grown to rely on her expertise.  I have been proud to recommend her to clients, colleagues, and friends for years as a critical (but positive) ear and collaborator whose work pulls the best and most idiomatic performances from those who are truly ready to work and hone their craft to the highest level.”

Managing Director, Caramoor

“For two decades, I have had the privilege of watching Rachelle Jonck at work. Her contribution to Bel Canto at Caramoor has been immense and invaluable but her work with young singers has been most noteworthy.   Like the greatest of all teachers, she combines a keen analytic ear, incisive technical expertise and a great musical soul with tremendous capacity for nurturing -- with tough love, when necessary. She is the young singer’s best friend.”

Director of Artistic Operations, Palm Beach Opera

“Rachelle’s mastery of bel canto style, traditions, and performance practices combined with her effective coaching technique has made her a staple of the Young and Apprentice Artist Training Program at Palm Beach Opera.  Her residencies are always met with great enthusiasm from each singer in our program.  Rachelle will continue to be a fixture in the faculty here at Palm Beach Opera!” 

Voice Department Chair, Peabody Preparatory at Johns Hopkins

"Feedback from students and audience has been uniformly positive – raves, in fact! Rachelle's ability to hear exactly what a singer needs to do to improve both sound and artistry – while effortlessly (and with great humor!) incorporating  details of language, prosody, poetic form and music history, without making them seem like 'academic stuff' but rather vital musical tools – is second to none.    She perfectly gauged what our teen students could achieve in the time allowed so that they stretched themselves, while never overwhelming them nor asking for something beyond their years and ability.  It was a smash success!"

Mezzo, Director, Consultant

"I like deep tissue massage from burly dudes, I like my tom kha khai extra spicy, and I like a tough-love vocal coach who kindly gives me an operatic beat down. Rachelle Jonck is that coach. Whether I am taking in specific repertoire for a tuneup or detailing, or going in for a technical play date, Rachelle offers incredible insight developed from her extensive training and curious mind."

Executive Director, Teatro Nuovo

"Rachelle comes to the field of opera from a broad musical background that includes study of literature, languages, and musicology, as well as thoroughly professional training as a performer on her own instrument (piano). She has nearly endless enthusiasm and energy for pursuing whatever strategy she thinks might work with a singer who is willing to work. This is hugely inspiring to the students she teaches, and as always, inspiration itself magnifies the effectiveness of the work being done.”

Coach, Juilliard, Opera Theater of St Louis

"Rachelle has boundless energy and true commitment to her singers; they trust her, they return to her year after year, and perhaps most importantly, she helps them to feel confident and prepared. She knows style, has an ear for healthy vocalism, and can fine-tune singers at every level."

Derrick Goff

Lindemann Young Artist (Metropolitan Opera), Chorus Master (Teatro Nuovo)

“Rachelle Jonck is a master teacher and coach whose concise and clear style offers singers, pianists, and conductors a wealth of practical and applicable information on the vocal repertoire, especially bel canto from Handel to Verdi. She commits herself to the student's understanding of language as the inspiration for the musical line and convincingly clarifies the often difficult-to-master relationship between the poetic and musical forms that govern the bulk of the vocal repertoire. Rachelle also offers pianists useful insight on both developing a clear coaching style and achieving technical facility at the keyboard.”

Corey Everly

Conductor-Pianist-Coach, Westminster Choir College '14, '16

“Rachelle is a master at helping singers find the crossroads between studio technique, real world application, and practical development of the singing actor. Her knowledge of style, language, tradition, and mastery of the Bel Canto repertoire including Verdi is unparalleled. She is an inspiring pianist and collaborative artist who plays the toughest repertoire with impeccable attention to detail and symphonic color.”

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