The Vaccai Project is a daily online guided practice of basic skills for singers based on the famous lessons of Vaccai. It is open to singers of all ages and levels of expertise, with weekly Zoom meetings to explore material in more detail and answer questions arising from your practice. We welcome teachers, coaches, pianists, and conductors to join our discussion forum. We use the trusted Vaccai method in an innovative way to refine the singer’s knowledge and practice of:

  • legato

  • registration

  • phrasing and expression

  • ornamentation

  • historical notation practices

  • diction and verse forms

  • libretto study

NEW! Prima le parole 

In this course we branch off into a specific study of the Italian found in the operatic libretto. Convoluted and confusing poetic language has led many a singer and opera fan astray! Explore the skills needed to unlock the mystery of archaic verb tenses and to sleuth out those pesky words that seem to have stayed in libretti but vanished from the dictionary. 



September 7–November 22, 2020

Refine your technique.

Unlock your imagination.


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Vaccai Project 2020 has been a life-changing experience. Even though I have been a professional singer for 40 years and a teacher for 20, I feel as though I've gotten a (REAL) doctorate in eight weeks. I can't wait to see what we're going to learn in the future. If there's a silver lining in our current predicament, it is Rachelle Jonck and Derrick Goff!

(Melanie Helton - Michigan State University Professor of Voice, Dir. MSU Opera Theatre)


Vaccai Project has been such a positive motivator during this overwhelming time period. It is a way to make music, grow our craft, and stay connected to one another. It is keeping me motivated and accountable. Over the last few weeks, I have already seen my technique and overall singing immensely improve, as well as my confidence in my technique. (Victoria - soprano, NJ)


There is no better time to get back to the basics of singing than right now. Vaccai Project gives me daily motivation to work on so many vocal skills that I sometimes push to the back burner or assume are fine the way they are. The goals are clear and the pacing is perfect. Vaccai Project is a healthy dose of vocal vitamins.

(Alina Tamborini - soprano, Teatro Nuovo alumna, NY)


I've been privileged to work with Rachelle "in real life" for many years, but the Vaccai Project has been a wonderful opportunity not only to revisit (and expand!) my skillset but also to introduce a generation of my own students to her passionate commitment, and talent for bringing out the best in every singer through core technique and expanded musical (literary/emotional/linguistic) understanding. It's a gift like no other!

(Madeleine Gray - Baltimore)


Just the fact of systematically going through the Vaccai with some well-informed (very important that it was well-informed) guidance was priceless. It was so motivating to receive a post every day offering inspiration for how to approach a particular exercise. The schedule was also slow-paced and flexible enough that I could incorporate it all into my daily practice without feeling overwhelmed - it enhanced all the other practicing I was doing.

(Ema Katrovas - Graduate of Academy of Music in Prague, Czech Republic)


I was feeling down in the dumps about singing due to Covid-19. I didn't feel motivated to practice. Everything felt useless. Being in this group gave me so much hope and light each week. I lived for the Sunday Zoom session where I could see, listen and talk to like-minded opera-loving folk. The Vaccai lessons are amazing. Doing Vaccai is practicing and developing the foundations to singing. I feel that all my life my singing and practicing has been jumping into one aria and the next. I felt like I didn't have time to truly focus on technique alone. There was always so much music and repertoire to learn and perform in such a short time. The quarantine has sucked but even before the quarantine, after I graduated with my masters and I was done with school, I left the conservatory feeling like I finally had time to learn how to sing! And now that I had time, there were however, times where I felt a little lost as to where to start! Coming back to basics like this, singing something that isn't arias, has been a godsend. I truly value and appreciate all that Rachelle and Derrick are doing. Thank you so much for saving me!

(Saori - Springfield)

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